The Gallery for a Lifetime

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The Gallery for a Lifetime

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Introducing LuminHouse

LuminHouse allows you to deliver your images to your clients, straight into personal, permanent and responsive galleries they control from their own accounts, at home or on the go.

Let us free you from the burden of long term storage and from hard drives crammed full of images. Forget worrying about disk failure and the stress of backing up your files. Just drag, drop and deliver, from anywhere, anytime. We handle the rest.

And your clients? They receive a beautiful digital gallery that’s entirely their own, featuring fine grained privacy controls so they can share their precious images with their favourite people – without needing to hand over anything to data hungry social media sites.

Better yet, the more of your clients sign up, the more our revenue sharing system can help you keep earning through those tough dry spells.


Redefining image delivery

Our intuitive back-end portal enables photographers to easily deliver images straight into their client’s beautiful permanent gallery.


Handover & breathe easy

No more overloaded hard-drives or worries about backups – just deliver your images through LuminHouse and breathe easy. We handle everything else.


Built with your clients in mind

We are dedicated to providing your clients with a beautiful, safe and convenient way to store and show off their pictures to friends and family, wherever and whenever they want to. All the reasons your clients will say “I do” to LuminHouse.


One-of-a-kind revenue sharing model

Find out how our revenue sharing system can increase your earning power all year round. We’ll reward you for every client you introduce to LuminHouse for the lifetime of their account ownership.


Committed to security

With cloud storage, nothing is more important than security. That’s why our cloud storage solution is backed up by industry-leading security practices and infrastructure, carefully hardened and monitored to ensure that your images and data stay safely locked down.


Pinpoint Accuracy

No more lengthy e-mail conversations. Our “True Proofing” feature gives your clients the ability to pinpoint the exact areas they would like touched up as well as letting you exchange comments with them until they are happy with the final image.


Galleries too gorgeous to keep to yourself!

Show off your images in a gorgeous, customisable and mobile-responsive online gallery. LuminHouse makes it easy to design and curate the perfect digital showcase for your photography.

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The Gallery for a Lifetime

Start Your FREE Trial Now!