Welcome to LuminHouse.

Like many great ideas, LuminHouse came to life over conversations in coffee shops, long-distance telephone calls and chance encounters at just the right time. Behind the LuminHouse brand, we are a team of passionate professional photographers dedicated to our craft and the search for innovative ways to make the pursuit of it that little bit better for pros and clients alike.

We’re not just photographers though: we’re all about living life in a big way and embracing the occasions that matter with the people that matter to us. From weddings to birthdays and first days of school and all the other milestones on the action packed journey of life, we understand how important it is to be able to capture some essence of these precious moments to share with friends and family or to look back on later to see how far we’ve come.

Because we truly believe we can build the best solutions for photographers and their clients, we created LuminHouse with these principles in mind:

To help photographers of all types tackle the stubbornest problems they face, from off-season dry spells to the steep cost retaining copies of their clients’ images.

To provide photographer’s clients with a beautiful, permanent, reliable and private cloud storage solution that can be securely accessed from anywhere at any time.

And to always deliver serious quality at serious value, no matter what we do.

Staying true to these core values, no matter what side of the lens you’re on, the LuminHouse team and our all-star customer service representatives always have your back – and won’t be happy unless you’re totally satisfied with our services.

Love, live and remember with LuminHouse.

During his career David has built up extensive project management experience working on large scale multi-million Euro projects. Plus, with ten years’ experience as a professional photographer for the luxury wedding market, he has really come to understand the both the joys and trials of the photography business. 


David devotes himself to being a get-up-and-go dad to four rambunctious kids, but also spends time feeding a serious gadget addiction by obsessing over the newest and coolest gear for photographers. When he’s not working or flying one of his drones chasing that perfect shot, he tries to do his bit for charity, whether that be by throwing himself out of a plane for a charity skydive or through LuminHouse’s commitment to give 1% of all of its profits to charity.
Brian is LuminHouse’s Chief Operating Officer and the head of our Southern Hemisphere office in Melbourne Australia. His experience in running a number of online based retail businesses has certainly played its part in preparing him for his present role but it all began with his dedication to the craft of photography. 


From an early age Brian immersed himself in photography, shooting anything and everything on film cameras and developing film in the DIY darkroom he built under the stairs at his family home. He photographed his first wedding at 15 and soon became the go-to young photographer in his neighbourhood. His love of film however did not dissuade him from becoming an early and enthusiastic adopter of digital photography and the latest technology for photography fanatics. He now has well over two decades under his belt running a successful photography business and training photographers through mentorships, tuition and workshops. When not running LuminHouse’s affairs in the South, he’s bound to be either training for and participating in marathons or falling off his surf board on waves in the glorious Australian sun (which we’re not jealous of at all). Brian is so well-known and liked in his native Ireland that rumours have it that he left home because he already knows everyone here and so had to widen his social net elsewhere, moving to Australia with his wife and three kids in tow.
Niamh has been working as a professional photographer for the last 11 years and also happens to have a degree in Computer Science and extensive experience in the tech industry, making her the natural choice for our Chief Development Officer. 


The roots for her involvement with LuminHouse were laid many years ago when Niamh and David met while eating cake samples at a wedding fair while they were supposed to be promoting their wedding photography to couples. The cake eating continues to this day, we just make them share the cake with the rest of the office now. In her spare time, Niamh is our green-fingered enthusiast that spends as much time as possible working on her garden by day or staying up late to star gaze at night. Being a humble and down to earth sort, she might not admit this, but she’s also a supremely talented photographer with a real eye for aesthetics – evident in both her wedding photography and her abstract macro work. This great combo makes her a popular judge and lecturer in Ireland and overseas. Don’t let the romantic star gazing throw you off though, Niamh is also quite a tough cookie, regularly facing the new challenges that Crossfit training throws at her. We suspect it might be her way of taking out her frustration at having to share the cake with the rest of us.
In her 10 years providing business advice and product support to photographers around the world, as an Account Manager with a leading luxury album company, Jo has met and spoken with hundreds of photographers working in all kinds of fields. 


As former film only photographer she also fully appreciates the monumental changes the photography industry has undergone in the last 18 years, with the switch from film to digital, the challenges of a global recession, the growth of the internet and social media marketing as well as the huge increase in the number of photographers. Drawing on all of her business and people-knowledge and a strong desire to help photographers build successful businesses, she leads the development and management of our worldwide LuminHouse Ambassadors programme as our Chief Relationship Officer. When she’s not working with our Ambassadors, she can be found spending quality time with her beautiful fur-baby Sid, usually while taking plenty of portraits of his sweet visage. Despite being cruelly rejected at age 9 for the chorus of the Queen’s Theatre production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, she has also spent quite a bit of time on stage. In her 20’s and 30’s she regularly performed in leading roles, with Godspell, My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly and Guys and Dolls being her personal favourites.
Before taking up his role with LuminHouse, Ian cut his teeth in the fields e-commence and marketing, helping organisations scale, grow and fulfil their full potential. He has plenty of experience helping build brands offline but his true passion lies in the digital marketing realm. 


Besides his expertise and very particular set of skills, something else sets him apart from his LuminHouse peers: he’s the only non-professional photographer on the roster. He does however have notions of becoming a virtuoso behind the lens, just to show the rest of them how easy it all really is. When he’s not engrossed in trying to figure out how to get the camera he bought for his honeymoon out of auto creative mode, you might find him deep in the crowd at a music festival soaking in the sounds and atmosphere. In fact, he’s such a gig aficionado that he owned a 1979 HymerMobile camper van just so he could travel and stay in style while hitting all of his favourite festivals. These days though, you’re just as liable to find him at the playground or catching the latest episode of Paw Patrol with his one and three year old kids.