Built with your clients in mind

Many reasons why your clients will say “I do” to LuminHouse.

We know you take your clients’ satisfaction seriously. You work hard to deliver your very best and put a lot of time into building and maintaining relationships with your clients. We also know that LuminHouse needs to be as valuable to your clients as it is to you. That’s why we are dedicated to providing your clients with a beautiful, safe and convenient way to store and show off their pictures to friends and family, wherever and whenever they want to. Our cloud solution offers the full package – accessible, safe and private cloud storage for less than the price of a glass of vino.

Collaborative and customisable galleries

With your clients managing their own events, they can organise them into galleries however they see fit. Better yet, thanks to our secure guest-upload facility, they can even invite friends or family to upload their own photos taken at their special occasions. Don’t worry though, your clients can moderate all images uploaded by guests before they are visible to others – ensuring that everyone is always looking their best.

Beautiful responsive design

Once uploaded your clients can access their images through our mobile application or through their browser from anywhere, at any time – displayed in a stunning bespoke gallery. Our clean and tasteful design is fully responsive so no matter what device your clients are accessing their images from, they will always be ready to show off.

Social networking, without the baggage

Fine grained privacy controls allow your clients to share whole galleries or individual images with specific people. In return, their guests can leave comments on these images or galleries (subject to your client’s approval, of course), all without having to offer up their personal data to social media sites with questionable privacy practices. Their LuminHouse gallery will be their private platform to share their lives with those nearest and dearest to them.

Proofing with precise communication

Easily communicate with your clients using our built-in True Proofing tool. Our system allows your clients to tag specific areas of images and exchange comments with you about touch-ups and any related requests. Handling all of this communication in our app cuts out unnecessary e-mail exchanges and reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings, making for a better experience for your clients and less stress for you.