Hand over & breathe easy

No more overloaded hard-drives or worries about backups – just deliver your images through LuminHouse and breathe easy. We handle everything else.

Safe keeping for rainy days

We know what it’s like; that nagging feeling that your clients might want access to old images somewhere down the line. Maybe they lost the USB you delivered the images on or their computer packs up! So they call you up hoping you can save the day and restore their precious memories to them. As they say, sometimes you don’t know how important something is to you until it’s gone. Before LuminHouse, some of our team members kept several copies of client images since the start their careers! Archiving every client’s pictures like that really adds up. We knew there had to be a better way so after years of fruitlessly searching for a solution that met all our needs, we decided to build it ourselves.

Their own corner of the cloud

LuminHouse sets itself apart from the competition because it empowers your clients and makes it easy for them to manage their own photos, supported by industry-leading cloud storage standards in security and data redundancy. For the lifetime of their account, they can rely on their permanent, beautiful and adaptive gallery to keep their memories safe and readily accessible.

Fully GDPR compliant storage

LuminHouse supports those looking to take a more active stance in safeguarding their personal data. All of our solutions are fully GDPR compliant, meaning that once you hand over your images, all your clients data will be safely encrypted and completely under their control.

Dedicated & passionate customer service

To sweeten the deal, LuminHouse’s all-star customer service team also takes full responsibility for all storage related support queries from your clients – significantly reducing your administrative workload. We’re there for them and we’re there for you.