Redefining image delivery

The market is full of solutions that allow photographers to deliver a temporary gallery of photos to their clients. That means that your clients would have a fixed amount of time to download their photographs and work out how to store their images safely. Typically many photographers just continue paying to host their clients images which is not good business practice in the long-term. LuminHouse is unique in that it seamlessly integrates reliable image delivery with a beautiful, permanent and secure cloud storage solution for all of your client’s images.

Drag, drop & deliver

Our simple image management system lets you upload and arrange your images by dragging and dropping via your event dashboard. From there, LuminHouse works its magic and creates multiple versions of each image, letting you then pick the most optimally sized version for whatever you’re working on at the moment. Delivering your images to clients is just as easy: with just a few clicks you can send your photos from your dashboard straight into your client’s own account.

Lose your hardware, embrace the cloud

Don’t spend any more money on USBs or DVDs or expensive presentation boxes. Deliver your photos anytime to any of your clients from in or out of your office.

Your clients, their gallery

Sharing and showing off your images has never been easier. Once you’ve completed final handover of images, your clients are free to manage their own photos, create custom folders and securely share individual images or whole galleries with friends and family. For a small monthly ongoing fee, they can rely on their own permanent gallery to keep their memories safe and readily accessible via their browser or our mobile application.

Instant gratification

Even better yet: we built LuminHouse to be as reactive a system as possible. No wait time or refreshing of screens. Once uploaded, the client will see an instant live update of all of the new images in their gallery view.